Cyber security involves a whole range of services and solutions that can be incorporated into your overall data security management, either as a one off application/service or combined to offer a complete 360 degree solution.
PLC Group announces its premium service for testing your Website Health Check.

Security Issues. Spelling mistakes. Broken links. Incorrect Keywords. Absence of Data Policy. Pages that are slow to load – or difficult for people with disabilities to use. These things make your customers leave your site, heading for a competitor instead. Google doesn’t like these mistakes either – making your site much harder for people to find. The result? Fewer sales

Luckily, you’re one step closer to the solution – by putting your site through PLC Website health check. We look for everything, including: Grammar and spelling – get the basics right to impress Google and your customers How quickly your site loads – 40% of people leave a site if it takes longer than three seconds to load Mobile-friendly – if it doesn’t work on a phone, it doesn’t work for your customer Search results – can your customers find you on Google, or are you losing out to your competitors?
What does PLC Website Health Check include?
  • Website Security Vulnerability Test
  • Privacy, Cookie and Information disclosure Analysis
  • Usability and technical elements
  • Analytics and tracking
  • Legal requirements
  • SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • CRO (conversion rate optimisation)
  • Content, design and branding
  • Links
  • Keywords usage
  • Social media and much, much more.
After a full website health check, performance audit has been performed, we will provide you with a complete set of recommendations to improve the quality and performance of your website. Our recommendations are based upon our vast experience in the digital field, along with what we know makes a fantastic website.
Our team is able to offer you a complimentary review of your site and in certain cases we can be commissioned to physically test your current systems for security and strength. This requires us to attempt to replicate the techniques used by hackers and try to ‘take down’ your website or break into your data base.
Tech World Analysis


    The following services explain how we approach Tech World for a range of common purposes:

    • Money Transfer Licence
    • PSD2 Application
    • Credit Authorisation
    • Compliance Audit
    • Consultancy
    • Technology